LOFT+ is a high-end, dynamic coworking space for small startups and solo professionals to nurture and grow their business. 

It is extremely expensive to run or own a sophisticated office space if your company is just getting started, or if you operate your business as an individual. If you do have your own space, your company's opportunities for growth are often limited by what you can afford. .

Want to become part of a thriving new business community?

23 Olaya Main street
Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
Tel: +966 11 562 5582
WhatsApp:+966 555 201124 

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Find your space in the heart of Riyadh  

Located at the intersection of the city's two most famous streets, King Fahd Road and Macca Road, we offer flexible rental of desks, workstations, offices and meeting rooms that are serviced by high-end communal areas and amenities. This enables small business entities to benefit from a cutting-edge work environment close to government, business and financial centers, at a fraction of the cost of running their own office.


Whether you’re a tech startup, lawyer, consultant or someone with a creative business idea, LOFT+ is designed to facilitate your needs, with flexible terms ranging from hourly to monthly rental. 

Whatever your needs, our dynamic coworking space has a solution to suit your requirements. 


A new way to work and do business 

As a real estate company, we are innovative in our approach, and it is our vision to create a large corporate coworking space that sets the bar for comfort, service and flexibility. 

We will do everything we can to make sure your coworking experience is the best it can be, so your time in our space is both productive and enjoyable.